Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Day!

Our missionaries in Sweden just learned that their visas have finally been approved. They went out for 6 days and have been gone 21. Tomorrow we'll learn when they are actually allowed to return.


Christina said...

Hello missionaries! Did you get my email the other day? I wasn't sure I had the right address to send to.

Petrea said...

Erin just sent me the link to your blog--hope you don't mind if we peek over your shoulders. What a great adventure you are having--and how beautifully you are recording it! this will be a real treasure to you. We are proud of you and the great work you are doing!
Love, Brian and Petrea

Mom in Mendon said...

Christina, Yes, we got the email. We LOVE getting email but we're a little slow to answer--just as we're a little slow to respond to blog comments.

Petrea, We're honored to have you checking in. We'd love to have a discussion or two with both of you about now!