Friday, October 3, 2008

The Office

We are the "Office Couple,” and that means we fill the Secretary and Finance roles for the mission. As you know, we were to leave early and meet with the couple we replaced and be trained but that plan didn't work. So they trained an Office Elder, Elder Finch, to do their jobs and then train us. Well, that didn't work either, because as we arrived, Elder Finch's was on a visa renewal trip to Sweden. So when we arrived, the Travel Secretary, Elder Peterson was not only our trainer, but trying to do the work of 4 different office.

The European East Area is housed in Moscow, and we report to them. They want their reports regularly and on time. They don't seem to make exceptions for the times when there is a new office couple who don't know their way around the computers in front of them.

Elder Finch was back in the office Monday, circulating between both desks trying to train us and make us somewhat 'useful'.

The Elders are GREAT! We love every single one we've met.

Dasvedania! Love, Dad/Roger

(Elder Mac in his office w/Sasha, one of the important full-time Russian employees here; Elders Taylor, Sergeev (AP's) by Elder Finch; Elders come and go from the office, walking to their various bus stops; the Mission Office is in the bottom corner of the building shown.)

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