Sunday, November 9, 2008


OK, for Jared and Eric and everyone else who thinks we're going to freeze, you're right. WINTER has arrived. We were lucky to have an extended autumn, so we're told.

Where we are, winter doesn't usually come in big, blustery blizzards. We've had gentle snow falling, like a gentle rain. But the temperatures were cold as we walked about 3/4 mile to the bus stop to go to and from Church today (20 degrees F, plus the wind).

One thing, though. The houses and buildings and stores are kept toasty warm. The whole building is heated from the city's central heat plant. Your building is either OFF or ON. So at church, when the first members arrive, they open all the windows to cool the place down enough for the meeting. In the spring, the whole building is turned off. If there happens to be an extra cold snap--well, there you are.


Dena Dewey said...

Wow! What a beautiful picture. Living in Arizona I've forgotten how beautiful the buildings and landscape can be covered in snow.
I hope you're staying warm.

I will spread the joy of your blog with the other few Ekat MM blogers out there.
Thanks so much for sharing

robin k said...

It is a gorgeous picture. Like the pix of your new apartment, too.

kaibert said...

There is no sign of winter so far in the valleys and lower mountains of the region of Salzburg / Austria. Nevertheless I went skiing on Monday at a glacier resort, 55 miles from where I live (City of Salzburg) Opened the ski season with my new season ski pass for the whole Salzburg ski area, about 1500 miles of ski track.

Eric said...

So this pic is taken from what building?
Have you guys had your hot water turned off yet? Just so you know, its going to happen!!!
They do it usually a couple of times a year, for about 3-4 sometimes 8-9 days!!!
Gotta love RUSSIA!!!
Given that you guys are SPOILING yourselves with your luxury apt! it might not happen at your building, I don't know for sure cause we all lived in "smooth" apts like the one you guys moved from, sometimes a little worse off, but it was a great experience!!!