Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hot Item

This copy of the Ensign magazine, the ONLY one in our office, arrived in a shipment of supplies. We leave it out on the desk to share it, and virtually every missionary who walks by gasps and picks it up. "Where did you get this??" Even the Mission President did this. Some of them copy articles to take back to their apts.

We're just suggesting that if you want to send a great holiday surprise, here it is. If you want your missionary to make some cash, send extra copies.

Formerly all missionaries were sent complimentary subscriptions of the Ensign and Church News, but now they get two Liahonas, in English and in the country's language.


Barbara K. said...

Tip: You can print out the whole magazine or parts from the church web site. But original is original.

Megan said...

well we get 3 copies here. Who knows maybe you will get a chirstmas package. Love you

Mom in Mendon said...

Thanks, Barbara and Megan.

FYI, they will be getting the Conference Liahona, one per companionship.

dixiewhitehead said...

Thanks for the great idea!