Monday, November 3, 2008


Photos after RS District Mtg. after some had left. District President's wife in white sweater on the left; District RS President is the blonde on the far right; Kasusha, left photo, and her husband have befriended us.


Petrea said...

Aren't Relief Society women great? Wherever they are they just have that glow about them Once Brian and I were in East Germany in a very dark and gloomy town. We had been told the address of church, but when we drove there it was a huge, dark apartment building. We were early so we sat in the car and waited to see if anyone would come. Soon two sisters came walking down the street and from a block away I could tell they were Relief Society sisters--they brought light to that dark place.
Shortly afterward others came too--we met an an apartment which they had fixed up as a meeting house. They had one of those old pump organs to accompany the singing and you have never heard such singing! Their love and enthusiasm puts us in Utah to shame where we have so many conveniences and yet we can hardly be heard singing the hymns.
How wonderful to go to meetings with pioneer Saints with such testimonies!

dixiewhitehead said...

You look beautiful Donna!

bird on the lawn said...

Oh my goodness. I know so many of these women. far left. far right and Elena the blond. My heart is singing.
Thank you.