Saturday, November 8, 2008


Tons of salami and bologna and sausage. Tons. For refreshments at a fireside, it's common to serve a slice of bread with a slice of salami or ham on top--no dressing or mustard. Maybe a slice of cucumber. Preferred over cake or sweet treats most of the time. It's tasty!


kaibert said...

Makes my mouth water!

robin k said...

Yum. I love hearing about the food!

R-Eight said...

There was a certain sausage we loved and we could get in Germany that we can't get anywhere here. I miss it.

Elder and Sister McEvoy said...

Give us a name. There are foods from Germany here. we especially like the jams from Deustchland.

Grandpa Mac

BigKev said...

I shared your blog with a co-worker who was in Yekat for his mission a couple years ago, and he wants to know where you shop. He said that store is much nicer that where he went. (btw, I am glad you have a nice place to shop)

Eric said...

Hey, Have you guys tried out the "outdoor REENIC" yet? It is AWESOME!! Makes you feel real close to the meats they sell there. Plus, the fruits and veg are supper cheap, all the time. Granted, their not CA standard, but what is over there?!! HA HA HA
When you get to the REENIC, take a pic so everybody understands what I'm talking about. Dad, I'm sure you remember some of mine.