Saturday, November 8, 2008

Food, Clothing, Shelter

Of course, Russian food, clothing, and housing interested us from the start, along with cost of living.
Yes, there are differences, but most things are surprisingly the same. It's hard to explain since food comes in different measurements and we pay in rubles. Milk, for example.

We can get pasturized milk in a liter bottle, but it has a different taste. We stick to milk in the boxes--like Gossner's if you're from Cache Valley. You can keep it on the shelf until it's opened--then refrigerate. It has a little after-taste, somewhere between dry milk and evaporated. We use it on cereal.

Box 1000 ml milk = a little over a quart
Cost @ 30 rubles = $1.20
So one gallon of non-fresh milk = about $5.00


kaibert said...

Try fresh bottled (pasteurized)milk (not boiled or otherwise) at room temperature - I know, you are not used to it, and discover the splendid flavor!

R-Eight said...

Never got used to this stuff. We drank it when we had to but it never tasted good to me.

悉怛多缽怛囉PLANET said...