Friday, November 7, 2008

A First

We digress from Mission News to bring you this important announcement: The Devout Aggie Fan in this office has been hoping for a UTAH victory over TCU. YES, he was rooting for UTAH!


Salem said...

I was the same way. Now all BYU has to do is beat Utah and we have a three way tie.

dixiewhitehead said...

We root for USU, Weber, U of U and BYU whenever they play. Go State of Utah!

Christina said...

Too bad they don't play BSU, that would be an exciting game-both undefeated! OH, and the Aggs lost big time today against BSU! :(

BYU better LOSE to anyone and everyone they play!!! We all know that BIG RED is going to come through when it counts; @ RICE ECCLES with thousands screaming their heads off!!!

Elder and Sister McEvoy said...

Where is the 'training' you received all your life?

The Utes are doing well, but " ain't over till it's over."

BSU and the Utes are giving the rocky mountains all the pub we are going to get!


Your dad would be PROUD!

I am glad you put USU up first, I was hoping the Whitehurst boys would go there and learn from STU. He is perhaps the best 'Teacher' in Utah!!