Friday, November 21, 2008


You can call him 'The Mail Man' or 'Santa,' but when our driver came to the office the other day, he brought HAPPINESS! Pictured here are most of the 44 packages that were carried into the office.

Shortly afterwards, candy was shared, notes read, and new socks shown off. This time of year just simply needs packages to these faithful Elders and Sisters.
Oh, by the way, USPS didn't fare too badly either. Happy Holidays! It made me happy just to hold up packages for the picture!


Dena Dewey said...
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Dena Dewey said...

Wow! I bet that pile of packages made for some happy Elders. A few things missing from the picture...your santa suit, a chimney, and a christmas tree.
Happy Holidays Santa!

dixiewhitehead said...

I just sent Christmas packages to Mack in Ukraine 2 weeks ago. I am excited thinking of his face as he gets his packages, even though it's not much.

Christina said...

Are you trying to drop some Christmas hints? :)

What regular things are you missing from home that you wish you had?

Mom in Mendon said...

Dena, Three pkgs. here for Elder Dewey.
Dixie, You're right. Elder Mack will be happy just to have something.
Christina, No hints intended! :D

Alan said...

dad have you received mine yet???

Anonymous said...

this is really me not alan we are doing a test!!