Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Elders and Sisters.

Top: Sis. Hardman and Elders Haderlie, G. Taylor and Odair leave for the bus, enroute to visa renewal in Khazakstan.

Upper R: Elders Thomas, Odair, Thompson, Shreeve and Haderlie arrive to be briefed by the President before leaving for Khazakstan.

Upper Left: In the Office kitchen Elders Dial, Haderlie, Smith, Abel and Dishnitsa.

Left: Elders Dewey and Mizin, Sisters Borchardt and Konstantinova during transfers. Elder Dewey jsut went through the files trying to find the name of the landlady who has the key to their apt.

Bottom: President Allen with his AP's and the Mission Van.


Dena Dewey said...

Ahhh...thank you so much for your wonderful pictures. What a treat!Each week I cross my fingers hoping there might be a few pictures attached to our letter/email home, but no such luck.
Thanks again. I hope you are staying warm.

R-Eight said...

If I was the mother of one of those young men I would be so thankful for you!

Just the daughter but still thankful.