Monday, November 17, 2008


The 14 missionaries who spent last month in Sweden went to two sessions a day at the Temple. We asked how Sweden could need a Temple, since we thought there were so few members, and so few baptisms there in recent decades.

Our missionaries, back from Sweden, told us the Church has grown from within. It turns out that Sweden's population was in so severe decline that the government offered to pay a woman 80% of her salary for a year and a half to stay home with a new baby. In fact, they would pay her again for a second baby, and a third, and a fourth. Since the LDS mothers in Sweden wanted to have families anyway, this was a sweet blessing to them.
(photos from the sisters)


R-Eight said...

The pics are so nice.

Mom in Mendon said...

Yes, they said it was a beautiful time of year. They did service, too. But even though it was a lovely trip, there's an odd mix of disappointment. They feel robbed out of a month of their mission and the work they came to do.