Saturday, November 8, 2008


Except for the popular wafers, most Russian cookies aren't as sweet as the ones we know. No Oreos, Lorna Doones, or chocolate chip.


R-Eight said...

This was hard for me to get used to too. I thought I would go back to my "too sweet" American ways but German cookies still taste good to me too.

heather and fam said...

Do you need us to special delivery you some cookies and REAL milk? WE love you guys!

Elder and Sister McEvoy said...

I could send a mailing address Heath. Better yet, bring your husband in the summer and we will share OUR milk with you!

Grandpa (milk) Mac

Eric said...

Speaking of things to drink, have you trid the "ZUKA" juice yet? Just like kool-aid, but you don't need the sugar. It's great stuff, we baught it all the time, and made it in empty 2 L soda bottles.

Good stuff!