Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thinking of You

Love to everyone today! We can't help missing you all. As busy as we are in a foreign land, this family holiday brings out tender feelings.

We're having missionaries over this afternoon, after their turkey bowl football game! They're taking a 1/2 day P-day to celebrate.

We're cooking chickens, dressing from bread we have dried, and we made a passable pumpkin pie from pumpkin-like squash, and using whole cloves Elder Mac ground down. We even found fresh cranberries. Should be fun!


R-Eight said...

Happy Thanksgiving Elder and Sister Mac! We miss you!

Kaibert said...

Happy Thanksgiving from Salzburg/Austria

BigKev said...

Happy Thanksgiving! It was nice to talk with you a bit yesterday. I am deeply grateful to have such wonderful examples of service and testimony in my life. Thank you!!!
I love you both. -Kev

Mom in Mendon said...

Love you all. We both appreciate your good wishes.