Thursday, November 20, 2008

High Tech - High Touch

FUN being in touch with some of you in the last week! Yesterday we had a great IM session with Roger and Carol Johnson, mentors to the both of us. (Carol really prepped us for what to expect here after their 23 months in Bulgaria.)

Then we SKYPED with some of our family. SO much fun! Last week we talked with Salem/Megan and noticed that the house was still standing. We love hearing your voices, seeing adorable babies, darling children! Besides that, we've been looking at blogs and we feel like we've had a sort of reunion. Thanks to all you blog keepers--so great to see video of grandchildren laughing, etc. We're GRATEFUL for technology!

Speaking of technology, we just learned about this DearElder site. You can go to it, write a letter, and they print the letter and send it to the missionary in a pouch--no charge. We get a lot of them here.

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